IR Cameras

  • LVDS-SDI IR Sensor


  • Product ID: IRA26-8-DF190-G
  • Detector pixel: 640x480
  • LVDS video input
  • SDI video output
  • Product description: LVDS video input and SDI/Ethernet video output infrared camera with target tracking function and customization prime lens from 19mm to 150mm



Supporting LVDS video input as well as SDI and Ethernet video output, the thermal camera receives Sony video streaming with a combination of thermal imaging and forms a picture in picture display ( single RGB, single thermal, RGB+single ) that is switchable by one-click control.

Moreover, the camera integrates target tracking module which is an essential function required by clients for observing, locating and tracking targets of unmanned aerial vehicles.


  • No shutter non-uniformity correction technique

    No shutter ensures the camera coherence in imaging, especially when tracking that no frames would be missed, this is a great advantage comparing to other IR cores.

  • Target tracking

    Target tracking is the most important feaure our IR core has comparing to others, as we have integrated the tracking boards inside of the thermal core housing, simplifying the connections between modules, therefore, largely improves the stability.

  • Support for internal and external dual-video mode ( Picture in Picture )

    External video source mostly refers to EO sensors (Sony EV 7520 series or Tamron cameras), and EO+IR switchable PIP display allows user to see same image spot under two wavebands, therefore, saves troubles and costs from having two separate sensors or even two Gimbal cameras in some task. And more and more gimbal manufacuturers have their dual-light solutions, and this is where our IR core would perfectly fit in.

  • Temperature measurement (Optional)

    Temperature measurement is one of the characteristics that thermal sensor have as the strength of IR radiation an object sends out is corresponding to the heat the object has, and even different parts of a same object, the IR radiation emits is different.

  • High image quality, strong scene adaptability

    Wide dynamic range (WDR) algorithm we have makes the IR core self-adaptive when observing objects across wide temperature ranges with great details being presented.

  • Multi-communication interface, easy for secondary development

    The series of IR core supports quite many different video and communication interfaces, such as (for video interfaces) LVDS\HDMI micro\AV input, LVDS\HDMI micro\SDI\Ethernet output; (for communication interfaces) TTL\RS232

  • Small in size, low power consumption


SDI video output thermal camera


Imaging index Working system Un-cooled long wave (8μm~14μm)
Detector pixels 640×480
Pixel size 17μm
Focusing Athermalizing
Emissivity correction Emissivity 0.01~1 adjustable
NETD ≤50mK(@25℃)
MRTD ≤500mK( @Characteristic frequency)
Image enhancement Automatically adjusts image brightness and contrast
Color palette Black hot, white hot, pseudo color
Automatic non-uniformity correction function Yes(without shutter)
Digital zoom 2X 3X 4X
Temperature measurement mode (Optional) Temperature bar (pseudo display) HT LT field center temperature
Temperature warning (Optional) Warning temperature -20℃~150℃
Tracking index Data refresh rate 25Hz or synchronize with Sony camera
Output lag <10ms
Tracking velocity ±32 pix/frame
Target size 16x16~128*128 pixels
Environmental adaptability Working temperature - 40℃~ 60℃
Storage temperature - 40℃~ 65℃
Shock Meet the GJB 150A vibration test conditions
Strike Meet GJB 150A impact test conditions
Electrical interface Communication interface TTL
Video input LVDS
Video output SDI, Ethernet
Power input DC 12V
Others Size of device 77.3mm x 42mm x 42mm
Weight <155g
Power consumption ≤4.6W(@25℃ with Sony RGB camera)

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+86-139 9883 3212/135 0101 5004/138 0490 6102

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