Agriculture Drone Sprayer

  • Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50
  • Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50
  • Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50
Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50

Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50

  • 25L agrochemical tank
  • Max boom width 8m
  • MTOW 50kg
  • Max flow 5L/min
  • Product description: Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer Crop duster

Agriculture Helicoptor Sprayer X50


In addition to its user-friendly controlling interface, ease in transportation and maintenance, X50 UAV helicopter is an intelligent agriculture solution providing thorough services to clients by way of analysis carried out through big data platform.


I. Remarkable outcome

A. Strong aIRflow: more droplets of pesticidego though straws and fell on more crops, bringing better pest control effect;

B. Better sedimentation: great precipitation of pesticide with better coverage on crops during operation;

C. High precision: centimeter-level precision spraying is achieved by standard-equipped RTK differential positioning system;

D. Large flow: max flow rate 5L/min

II. High efficiiency

The boom width is 8m and operation effiency is 0.33ha/min when spraying at the medium speed of 8m/s. U-shaped ridge change improves the operation efficiency by 20%.

III. Maximized benefit

A. Better droplet penetrability and coverage brings better pest control effect; user can reduce costs and increase their income;

B. A drone can finish operation on a farmland of more than 650 hectares in 7 days, therefore, save money and enlarge benefit for user.

IV. Easy to operate

A. Full automatic operation

Smart phone could be used to accomplish operations including path planning, one-key operation, breakpoint spraying, automatic RTH etc. without RC.

B. Easy to study

User can get started quickly after only 2 hours learning and operate independently in 3 days.

C. Feasibile to various fields

As equipped with a terrain awareness radar system, it is applicable to precision spraying for various crops regardless of terrain.

V. Easy to transport

Helicoper's tail boom is designed to fold rapidly, and the drone length can be shortened by 30% after it's folded wich makes it convenient to be transported and carried; Wheels are convenient for drone transport on farmlands.

VI. Easy to maintain

An exclusive patent technology is adopted to reduce number of yaw control system parts by 90% and fault rate by 99% which makes UAV system more secure, convenient and reliable. Single-stage transmission is adopted and it's more visible when maintenance. The modular design enables a 60% reduction in the number of components. Stress construction designing is adopted for several parts that the fuselage construction is high strength and impact resistance. The maintenance cost is lower and service life is longer.

VII. Easy to manage

The big data management system used for monitoring drones is operated independently on our own, and operationd data collected from drones can be used by users to analyze operation areas, duration, costs etc. statistically. Memeber management flying management and other functions are provided. It can be sued on both PC and portable equipment to help with crop protection and management services efficiently.


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+86-139 9883 3212/135 0101 5004/138 0490 6102

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